Debora Baldin


Debora is necessary – this is one of our most frequent statements around here. A multi-platform communicator who, since 2013, has been producing conversations that matter on the internet, based on knowledge, humanization and sense of humor. She is, from head to toe, especially through her huge heart, a classic Gemini one: curious, connected and sagacious, who came into the world with the gift of speech.

Her versatility, combined with extensive knowledge and professional experience, allows debating topics ranging from culture and politics to amenities, with doses of lightheartedness and laughter, in addition to bringing to her followers relevant exchanges and lines of reasoning regarding current affairs and diversity.

She has a degree in International Relations from PUC SP, she’s a lesbian, and has first appeared on screen with “Canal das Bee” – a pioneer channel on Brazilian YouTube addressing issues about and with the LGBTQIA+ community.

Since then, she has been reinventing herself and growing in maturity, which generates transformations in herself and in the loyal audience that has always followed her. The honor, therefore, is ours to collaborate in the connection with brands, content production and co-creations.