Lili Almeida


A communicator and a Chef from Bahia, Lili Almeida presents, through ingredients and words, flavors that involve ancestry, affection, memories and self-knowledge.

She has worked alongside great chefs, in different kitchen roles, but it was as a student at the “Museu da Gastronomia Baiana” (Bahian Gastronomy Museum) that she saw herself as a producer of culture. There, in addition to developing culinary techniques, she had access to liberating information and thus created the “AFRIKANABAHIA” project, which uses “Acarajé” as a starting point to tell stories about Afro-Brazilian women, culture and cuisine.

Representative of Bahia on Rede Globo’s reality show “Mestre do Sabor” (2019), speaker at the ‘Black Money’ panel at the largest black culture festival in the world – AFROPUNK (2020), and at TEDx São Paulo (2020). She has been a columnist on the “Saia Justa” program on GNT and participated in the HBO program “Sandy + Chef” as one of the guests.

Lili conquered an engaged community of admirers of her voice on social media, influencing with purpose and reaching millions of people monthly with her characteristic “Good morning, people!”

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